Similar to the Tesla Model S, VyeweR uses both cameras and lidar to create virtual tours.

Richard Wallace, the director of the Transportation Systems Analysis group within the Center for Automotive Research explains regarding cars – “Lidar is the best of both worlds. It sits between cameras and radar and can detect both distance and objects, and can make out the shape of those objects.”

VyeweR’s camera incorporates a 50,000 samples per second laser scanner to create a solid point density. That point cloud is used to create fast, accurate 3D scans of landscapes, buildings, cultural heritage sites and foliage. The laser scans that we take with every HDR panoramic picture allow us to orient and stitch resulting panoramas into tours precisely and quickly – indoors and outdoors – for accurate, high definition tours with very low quality attrition when moving from spot to spot.

Despite the technological advancements and increased computing power, access top this technology has been limited to mostly industry insiders or a handful of early adopters …. VyeweR aims to change that.